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Welcome to The Birth Cottage, Enumclaw’s natural birth center!

This registration will help to secure your spot at the birth center, since they are limited. Following your registration, you will receive documents to sign. 
We encourage you to return the signed documents as soon as possible. They all must be signed prior to admission to the birth center.



An orientation to the birth center is required. Please arrange this with your provider. 


Admission to the birth center: 

The Birth Cottage owner, Terah Lara, is a midwife who operates the birth center. Other midwives have privileges and are independent practitioners, not part of the birth center. 


Your midwife/-ives is/are responsible for your clinical care during your pregnancy and birth. Remember that you will be in contact with your midwives per their instructions, not The Birth Cottage, when it comes time to be admitted to the birth center. There is no birth center “staff” to receive calls or admit you. Your midwife/midwives has/have access to the building and will be providing all clinical care.


Birth Center Amenities:
There are many amenities at the birth center to help make your stay as comfortable as possible. You are welcome and encouraged to bring food for yourself and your support people. The kitchen has a microwave, refrigerator and an oven for your use, as well as paper plates and disposable utensils. The waiting area for the birth suite is encouraged to be used for people who do not want to be in the birth space, or if needed, people can overflow into the front of the building when other midwives are not present for appointments. 


Financial Arrangements & Billing

The Birth Cottage is an independent birth center organization, unaffiliated with your midwife’s practice. To have our insurance specialist look into your potential insurance coverage of the facility fee, please contact or call Ingrid with Island Billing at (360) 632-4435.

I wish you the best birth experience at The Birth Cottage! 

Warmly |  Terah  Lara LM CPM | The Birth Cottage Owner

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